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No site da revista Rolling Stone americana tem uma lista dos 25 melhores momentos da série The Office, uma das séries mais fodas do momento e ainda por cima estrelado pelo maravilhoso Steve Carell. Se isso não bastasse ainda tem o Dwight e agora o Andy, já que essa é A série dos Sem-noção.

Lendo a lista, concordei com quase todas as situações listadas e resolvi por isso mesmo copiá-la na íntegra aqui. Vamos lá

The 25 Greatest Moments from "The Office"
All the best scenes, from Dwight's Mussolini speech to "green is whorish"

Lindsey Thomas

1. "Grief Counseling," Season 3:
When Michael (Steve Carell) insists on some group therapy, Pam (Jenna Fischer) recalls the heartbreaking story of her aunt, who coincidentally shared the same fate as Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby.

2. "The Return," Season 3:
Andy (Ed Helms) serenades his new deskmate Jim (John Krasinski) with an a cappella rendition of the Cranberries' "Zombie."

3. "Diversity Day," Season 1:
Michael shows his employees a Diversity Tomorrow video presentation in which he proclaims, "Abraham Lincoln once said, 'If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North."

4. "The Merger," Season 3:
Kelly (Mindy Kaling) gets Jim up to speed on what's happened since he transferred to the Stamford branch by recapping the recent history of celebrity babies.

5. "Product Recall," Season 3:
Jim dresses up like Dwight (Rainn Wilson) with an ensemble that cost him $11.

6. "Phyllis' Wedding," Season 3:
Dwight gives Angela (Angela Martin) the compliment every bride longs to hear: "You look as beautiful as the Queen of England."

7. "The Negotiation," Season 3:
Everyone in the office agrees that Michael is wearing a woman's suit — except Michael, of course, who claims the suit is "bisexual."

8. "Ben Franklin," Season 3:
A Ben Franklin impersonator hits on Pam with the line "You know, I invented electricity. ... Well, I'm sensing a little electricity right here." Pam reminds him that Mr. Franklin had syphilis.

9. "The Alliance," Season 1:

Phyllis, wearing green, suggests green streamers during a party committee meeting, Angela says, "Green is kinda whorish."

10. "The Client," Season 2:
When Pam finds Michael's screenplay, "Threat Level: Midnight," the Dunder Mifflin employees do a table reading.

11. "The Return," Season 3:
Michael celebrates Oscar's (Oscar Nuñez) homosexuality by throwing a fiesta, but Dwight, thinking the party is for himself, destroys the pinata.

12. "The Merger," Season 3:
Andy vows to win Michael's approval through "name repetition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a handshake."

13. "Safety Training," Season 3:
The staff wagers on the length of Kelly's explanation of Netflix, as well as how many times it will involve the word "awesome." (Answer: twelve)

14. "The Negotiation," Season 3:
Michael uses negotiation tips he found on Wikipedia, like "whisper" and "walk out of the room unexpectedly."

15. "Drug Testing," Season 2:
Dwight uses his experience as a Lackawanna County Sheriff's Deputy to interrogate the staff after discovering a joint in the parking lot.

16. "Christmas Party," Season 2:
A drunk, naked Meredith (Kate Flannery) greets Michael in his office after the holiday party. He snaps a picture and leaves.

17. "Michael's Birthday," Season 2:
Michael is shocked to find out that Kevin's skin cancer test was negative: "Apparently in the medicine community, negative means 'good,' which makes absolutely no sense. In the real world community that would be chaos."

18. "Dwight's Speech," Season 2:
Accepting his regional salesman of the year award, Dwight gives a speech that veers only slightly from Mussolini's "War Statement."

19. "Basketball," Season 1:
Kevin, who Michael kept out of the office-vs-warehouse basketball game, shows incredible free-throw skills once the game is finished.

20. "The Injury," Season 2:
Hearing that Michael has burned his foot on a George Forman Grill, Dwight rushes to help him. But before he has even left the parking lot, he crashes his car and throws up on the back windshield.

21. "Traveling Salesmen," Season 3:
Phyllis treats Karen to a horrific makeover, so the two can look more like a certain client's wife.

22. "Phyllis' Wedding," Season 3:
Jim trains Dwight, using Pavlovian conditioning and Altoids.

23. "Business School," Season 3:
When a bat somehow ends up in the office, Dwight traps it in a garbage bag ... along with Meredith's head.

24. "The Job," Season 3:
Assuming Michael will be promoted to the corporate office, Dwight prepares to take over the Scranton branch. Reasons why Jack Bauer of 24 could not serve as Dwight's #2: "He is overqualified, fictional and unavailable."

25. "Women's Appreciation," Season 3:
When Michael hears about Phyllis' brush with sexual assault in the parking lot, he expresses amazement that the criminal chose her as his victim, saying, "Um, did he even see Pam? Or Karen from behind?"

fonte: www.rollingstone.com

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quinta-feira, outubro 18, 2007


Aí galera ainda falta muito pro Natal!
Um monte de restaurante já tem caixinha de Natal, anuncios por toda parte, pessoas já com Papai Noel no computador...
Pô, assim quebra o clima!
Se não sabe brincar não brinca!
Vou começar minha campanha:



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quarta-feira, outubro 03, 2007


Raphaela diz:
Po, sabia que eh impossivel tirar a foto atravessando a Abbey Road???
Raphaela diz:
fiquei arrasada
Júlio César diz:
por que?
Júlio César diz:
eles não deixam?
Raphaela diz:
um transito horroroso, muito carro e todos bem rapidos, hahahahaha
Raphaela diz:
não pára de passar de carro
Júlio César diz:
Júlio César diz:
vai ver foi fazendo essa capa que o Paul de verdade morreu...hahahahaha
Raphaela diz:

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Muitas coisas pra contar, mas já cheguei em pleno Festival do Rio e ao ritmo de trabalho pra ontem.

Por isso, acho que no fim de semana consigo contar algumas coisas engraçadas aqui no blog.

Enquanto isso já coloquei algumas fotos de Londres no Flickr, dá uma olhada.

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